Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My interview with ABC Rural

My interview with ABC Rural from the rural report (22/82012) set to pictures I took during the trip.

The picture featuring me shows me holding down a young bull that cut it's leg. In order to prevent the wound becoming infected we sedated the animal then washed, disinfected and dressed the wound with a bandage. He walked off the boat in Israel.

Another photo shows cattle resting contentedly on freshly laid sawdust while they chew their cud.
Don't believe everything the animal rights activists tell you, live export stockmen put a surprising amount of effort into caring for their animals and there is always two sides to every story.


  1. Good story Jim. Lets hope the main stream media and Animals Australia take some notice - wishful thinking! Cheers Greg

  2. Well done and thank you, Jim. Having people like you committed to shedding the light on the truth of such matters, will no doubt help to ensure the future of rural industries such as live export.